Website Meditationfree.com where you can learn and practice meditation for free. Anytime, anywhere This website was created to help people who want to learn and practice meditation of any race, anywhere, anytime. Because meditation helps you focus on your work, reduce stress, and increase happiness in your daily life. and can be elevated to Vipassana according to the principles of Buddhism.

Meditation before the Buddha

Meditation is a long-standing part of mental practice. and is practiced in many religions and cultures around the world. There may be sitting staring at the ground, sitting looking at water, sitting looking at fire, sitting with eyes open, and sitting with gritted teeth, but there is no school where there is sitting and meditating by practicing anapanasati. That is, follow the breath in and breath out.

Meditation according to the Buddha’s teachings

Meditation, also known as “Developing anapanasati” is a method of developing mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom by focusing on breathing in and out, staying in the present moment.

Meditation from monks to monks

The pattern of mental development of the five strands of meditation in Thai society was found to be

1) Sai Buddha uses the method of meditation at the Samatha level and considers the elements of Khandha at the Vipassana level. It is an intensive practice.

2) Anapanasati line uses the principles of Anapanasati, 16 steps, as basic and intensive practice.

3) The line is inflated-collapsed. Use the principles of mindfulness Focus on looking at symptoms of swelling and deflation of the abdomen. It is an intense and systematic practice.

4) Sai Rupnam uses the principles of mindfulness, emphasizing the 4 postures as an intense practice.

5) Sai Samma Arahan Use visions and prayers It is a general and intensive practice.

Meditation from monks to person

Externally, the focus is on the mind to support detachment from the suffering that occurred for the first time and is the cause of the problem and the cause is clear, making it possible to correct the violation of the said problem.

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